Doug Hood Mining

The People

The company’s ability to attract and retain appropriately skilled, experienced and qualified staff and to develop those less experienced was well demonstrated during the Stockton Mine contract.

That ability led to the expansion of the workforce from around 100 to 450 employees at the peak of the contract.

To achieve that during an extreme shortage of skilled and experienced workers was, amongst other things, due to the development of a national certificate based training programme for staff, and when necessary, by successfully sourcing and retaining staff from overseas at a time of world wide shortages of capable mining staff.

Industrial relations were managed with very little disruption to mining activities and is enhanced by a regular presence of the board and management on site serving to reinforce the value of the employment relationship.

New projects are seeded with a mix of experienced company employees and recruits from the local and regional workforce. If necessary overseas recruitment drives are put in place.

We have always had a capable and experienced senior management and in-house technical team encompassing survey, mine planning/scheduling and design, all key contributors to the success of the company.

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