Doug Hood Mining


Opencast Mining

Mining is a core activity for Doug Hood Mining, having been involved in most of the significant mining projects in both the North and South Islands over the past 30 years.

Projects completed to date have often been challenging however the Company has an experienced management team, together with skilled and loyal employees, and solid management systems driving efficiency.

Consequently the company has gained a reputation for competitively and successfully completing large and difficult projects, often in environmentally sensitive locations and often where others have struggled or failed.

Civil Engineering

The unifying feature of Doug Hood Mining’s civil engineering capability is the large earthworks component.

This often includes a sizable drill and blast requirement, large engineered fills, site and public road access, and temporary and permanent water diversion and retention structures.

Our most recently completed civil engineering project is the Mangatini Sump, a key component of the Stockton water management programme within the Stockton Mine site. The sump required the drill, blast, excavation and dump of 1M m3 of solid rock. This project was tendered for in 2007 and completed in 2009.

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