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Sumner Road civil project – October 2017 update

October 16, 2017

The Sumner Road project is progressing well with commencement of the catchbench excavation below the crater rim bluffs.

DHML work in progress:

1. Excavating the catchbench, with drilling by Inline Drilling and blasting using Orica presplit and bulk explosives and shotfirer.

2. Hauling excavated material up to the tiphead at Evans Pass above Gollans Bay Quarry.

3. Dumping hauled material on the tiphead then dozer and loader push into the Gollans Bay Quarry stockpile.

DHML work completed to-date:

1. Site works for the establishment of the site offices at Evans Pass.

2. Construction of a sediment pond and rock-roll bund in the Gollans Bay Quarry adjacent Evans Pass.

3. Sheeting, bunding and installing sediment check dams and containers along the Sumner Road before use as a haulroad between the catchbench and the Evans Pass tiphead.

4. Excavation of the platform for the F & G bunds at the terminus of the two valleys west of the catchbench.

5. Cutting into Windy Point corner adjacent the port.

To discuss our civil and mining capability please contact Kevin Davies on 0274 325 869 or

To discuss plant hire please contact Gavin Begg on 0274 354 190 or

DHML is part of the successful team selected by Christchurch City Council to reopen the Sumner to Lyttleton Road near Christchurch.
Badly affected by the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes this important link between Christchurch City and Lyttleton Port has remained closed ever since.
DHML is working with McConnell Dowell, Beca, Geovert, Orica and Inline Drilling, to design and complete geohazard risk mitigation works to facilitate opening the road. Works include scaling and rock bolting of high bluffs, excavation of a specifically engineered 400m long and 15m wide catch-bench in rock below the bluffs, and the foundations for two substantial bunds.

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